Authors: Linlin Fei, Andrea Scagliarini, Andrea Montessori, Marco Lauricella, Sauro Succi, Kai H. Luo

Journal: Physical Review Fluids, 2018, 3.10: 104304.

Abstract: We propose a mesoscopic model of binary fluid mixtures with tunable viscosity ratio based on a two-range pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann method, for the simulation of soft flowing systems. In addition to the short-range repulsive interaction between species in the classical single-range model, a competing mechanism between the short-range attractive and midrange repulsive interactions is imposed within each species. Besides extending the range of attainable surface tension as compared with the single-range model, the proposed scheme is also shown to achieve a positive disjoining pressure, independently of the viscosity ratio. The latter property is crucial for many microfluidic applications involving a collection of disperse droplets with a different viscosity from that of the continuum phase. As a preliminary application, the relative effective viscosity of a pressure-driven emulsion in a planar channel is computed.

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