Authors: Giovanni Di Ilio, Daniele Chiappini, Stefano Ubertini, Gino Bella, Sauro Succi

Journal: Computer Physics Communications, 2019, 234: 137-145.

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a hybrid lattice Boltzmann method (HLBM) for solving fluid–structure interaction problems. The proposed numerical approach is applied to model the flow induced by a vibrating thin lamina submerged in a viscous quiescent fluid. The hydrodynamic force exerted by the fluid on the solid body is described by means of a complex hydrodynamic function, whose real and imaginary parts are determined via parametric analysis. Numerical results are validated by comparison with those from other numerical as well as experimental works available in the literature. The proposed hybrid approach enhances the capability of lattice Boltzmann methods to solve fluid dynamic problems involving moving geometries.

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