Authors: Adriano Tiribocchi, Andrea Montessori, Stefano Miliani, Marco Lauricella, Michele La Rocca, Sauro Succi

Journal: Physical Review E, 2019, 100.4: 042606.

Abstract: The dynamic interaction of complex fluid interfaces is highly sensitive to near-contact interactions occurring at the scale of ten of nanometers. Such interactions are difficult to analyze because they couple self-consistently to the dynamic morphology of the evolving interface, as well as to the hydrodynamics of the interstitial fluid film. In this work, we show that, above a given magnitude threshold, near-contact interactions trigger nontrivial microvorticity patterns, which in turn affect the effective near-contact interactions, giving rise to persistent fluctuating ripples at the fluid interface. In such a regime, near-contact interactions may significantly affect the macroscopic arrangement of emulsion configurations, such as those arising in soft-flowing microfluidic crystals.

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