Authors: Sauro Succi, Andrea Montessori, Giacomo Falcucci

Journal: Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2019, 2019.8: 083215.

Abstract: The selective entrapment of mutually annihilating species within a phase-changing carrier fluid is explored by both analytical and numerical means. The model takes full account of the dynamic heterogeneity which arises as a result of the coupling between hydrodynamic transport, dynamic phase-transitions and chemical reactions between the participating species, in the presence of a selective droplet interface. Special attention is paid to the dynamic symmetry breaking between the mass of the two species entrapped within the expanding droplet as a function of time. It is found that selective sources are much more effective symmetry breakers than selective diffusion. The present study may be of interest for a broad variety of advection-diffusion-reaction phenomena with selective fluid interfaces, including the problem of electroweak baryogenesis.

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