Authors: Adriano Tiribocchi, Fabio Bonaccorso, Marco Lauricella, Simone Melchionna, Andrea Montessori, Sauro Succi

Journal: Soft matter, 2019, 15.13: 2848-2862.

Abstract: We investigate the dynamics of a phase-separating binary fluid, containing colloidal dumbbells anchored to the fluid–fluid interface. Extensive lattice Boltzmann-immersed boundary method simulations reveal that the presence of soft dumbbells can significantly affect the curvature dynamics of the interface between phase-separating fluids, even though the coarsening dynamics is left nearly unchanged. In addition, our results show that the curvature dynamics exhibits distinct non-local effects, which might be exploited for the design of new soft mesoscale materials. We point out that the inspection of the statistical dynamics of the curvature can disclose new insights into local inhomogeneities of the binary fluid configuration, as a function of the volume fraction and aspect ratio of the dumbbells.

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