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Sauro Succi

Sauro Succi Principal Investigator

Sauro Succi, PhD in Physics (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) is Research Director at CNR-IAC where he leads the Complex Systems in Fluid Dynamics and Biology group working on NANO-JETS modeling activities, Guest Professor at ETH, Zurich, and affiliated with the Physics Department of Harvard University and External Senior Fellow of the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies. He has been visiting and guest scientist at ETH Zurich, Yale, and Harvard Universities. He is author of nearly 300 papers in international scientific journals. His research activity is focused on computational physics and mathematical modelling of complex systems and process, which will provide NANO-JETS with an extra added-value in terms of reducing the risks connected to highly innovative simulations of electrified jets. He is the recipient of numerous international awards, such the Alexander von Humboldt Award in Physics, the Killam Award of the University of Calgary, and the Rahman Chair of the Indian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Succi is an elected Fellow of the American Physical Society and features in the list of the Top Italian Scientists.
Andrea Montessori

Andrea Montessori Post-Doc

Andrea Montessori, PhD, is a postdoc researcher at the IAC-CNR in Rome. He has developed Lattice Boltzmann Model for the simulation of complex fluid dynamics phenomena including multiphase and multicomponent flows, reactive and nonequilibrium flows, and transport phenomena in 2D nanomaterials.
Marco Lauricella

Marco Lauricella Researcher

Marco Lauricella, PhD in Physics (University College of Dublin), graduated in Chemistry at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, is NANO-JETS post doc fellow at CNR-IAC, and member of the Complex Systems in Fluid Dynamics and Biology group working in the field of electrospinning of polymer nanofibers. His expertise is in atomistic computational methods, both quantum and classical. In particular he studied diatomic molecules containing heavy elements. He investigated relativistic effects on molecular dissociation energies via the Dirac equation, elucidating the chemical stability of many compounds of industrial interest. In the framework of statistical physics, he studied rare events via advanced sampling methods. His research interests include transition phase processes, and particularly nucleation phenomena of clathrate compounds. In this framework, he also developed a new cluster analysis algorithm for the automatic recognition of clathrate structures. In 2014 he started to work on models of polymer nanofibers and electrospinning processes, in the framework of the ERC NANO-JETS project.
Giuseppe Pontrelli

Giuseppe Pontrelli Senior Researcher

Giuseppe Pontrelli is a senior researcher at Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo of CNR in Rome. His research interests include applied mathematics, continuum mechanics and numerical analysis with application in biofluid dynamics, physiological flows at micro and nanoscale, mass transport, drug delivery in porous materials. Over the years, he has worked on many research projects and developed, with a multi-disciplinary approach, mathematical models and computational methods for complex systems related to health. He is the author of over 80 papers in international scientific journals and book chapters.